wrist pain maleCarpal tunnel is tingling, pain, and a number of problems that occur in the hand and wrist due to pressure on a nerve in your wrist. The nerve which causes the pressure is called the median nerve This nerve plays a large part in the way we move our fingers. Swelling which makes the carpal tunnel small usually causes the pressure of the median nerve. Things that cause carpel tunnel are obesity, pregnancy, wrist injuries, diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis, bone spurs, and smoking. Symptoms can be felt in the middle finger, thumb, index finger, and ring finger. It causes the feeling to numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain. Symptoms often begin in the night. People often find that shaking or wiggling the hand may give relief. Carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed by a series of questions being asked by your physician. These questions include if you recently injured your neck, arm, or wrist. He or she may also ask about daily routines, or any health history such as pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, or hypothyroidism. Tests such as nerve testing or blood tests may be requested from the physician. Placing ice on the wrist, decreasing the amount of activity, and taking antiinflammatory drugs may also be mild pain solutions. An injection directly to the pain site may also be recommended. Surgery is also an option for some people that are unable to work or do daily necessity things because the pain is so severe. If you do find a method of relieving the pain it is wise to try all things to keep the pain away such as taking good care of your arms, hands, and wrists. An exercise is also recommended to stay strong. Maintain your wrists in a nice and neutral position, try to relax your shoulder, and use the entire hand, not just the fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome can take a damaging toll on ones day-to-day life. The person with Carpal tunnel syndrome may also begin to feel isolated if they remain inside due to the agonizing pain. Things such as these may later lead to depression. Carpal tunnel syndrome may also be a leading cause of lack of sleep. While the victim of the pain is experiencing the agonizing feeling of discomfort, sleep may be the first thing to go. It is wise to get the help necessary to treat the pain as soon as it arises in order to break free from the symptoms they may cause such as those just discussed. If you have Carpal tunnel syndrome and have any questions about how we can help, please feel free to give our friendly scheduling coordinators a call. They are specialized and trained to get you in with one of the board certified pain management physicians that can best be equipped to suit your needs. They can also help with any insurance questions you may have. We are happy to help. It is our goal to help you get to feel like yourself again.

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